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VFX Insiders Podcast

Scott Cedarleaf

Scott Cedarleaf interviews on-set and post VFX professionals whose responsibilities are either overlooked or shrouded in mystery. What does a VFX Supervisor do during Pre-Production? What does a Data Wrangler’s day-to-day look like and why? What’s the wildest thing a VFX Coordinator has ever coordinated? Find out the answers to these questions and more!

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Lesley Robson-Foster started her career in 1980 in the BBC Television design department in London England. She worked on news and current affairs programs as a graphic designer and animator and went on to learn cinematography and directing.

In 1990 she was offered a job in Industrial Light and Magic’s commercial division as a director and moved across to the US. She went on to direct commercials, mostly with a visual effects component, for various production companies on both coasts.

In 2000 Lesley started directing second unit and acting as visual effects supervisor on bigger projects and eventually went on her own as a freelancer. Since then she has been working in NYC and LA on television series and feature films.

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