The VFX Artists Podcast

The VFX Artists Podcast

The VFX Artists Podcast

The VFX Artists Podcast, hosted by Kofi Opoku-Ansah and Daniel Mark Miller is the spot for artists to share, learn and discover other artists in the VFX industry. We aim to bring artists from different levels and departments to discuss industry practice, software, processes, journey and more. We are a podcast made by artists for artists.

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Part 2 of our discussion with Christina Mandia continues, with this last part focusing on Christina's VFX industry journey, going all the way back to her first interests and influence, education, as well as showreel and general advice for current and aspiring mothers and animators.

Christina’s journey as a VFX animator, begun with an entry into the VFX industry as a runner, following the completion of an animator degree at Ravensbourne university, leading on to a progression into the matchmove department, and finally into the much anticipated department she’d always been aspiring for - animation.

We hope you find this episode useful as we did.

Special thanks to Christina for kindly taking time out to share her experiences with us.

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00:00:00 Welcome to Part 2    
00:00:05 What inspired your interest in Animation and VFX    
00:09:26 Thoughts on Runner's positions as part-entry into the VFX industry    
00:20:20 Filmography review    
00:29:41 Advice for animators, and transitioning artists into maternal roles    

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