Professor Tech's Airwaves of Awesome

Professor Tech's Airwaves of Awesome

Associate Professor Michael A. Cowling

Welcome to Professor Tech's Airwaves of Awesome, an occasional podcast series that discusses new developments in technology and what they mean for the world. It focuses on the social side of tech, and provides up-to-date commentary into why we are simultaneously both entranced by, and fearful of, new technology and how it might affect us all.

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Professor Tech Episode 6 is a special encore episode in celebration of #MyScienceMay, remembering our interview style CQUni TELCoP session with Professor Michael Milford from Queensland University of Technology (QUT), talking robotics, science communication, and why he thinks math is thrilling! Thanks to Robert Vanderburg for driving the interview on this one.

Épisodes précédents

  • 6 - 6: Science Communication, Math Thrills & Robots! - An Encore Presentation of the CQUni TELCoP August 2021 with Professor Michael Milford, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) 
    Mon, 30 May 2022
  • 5 - 5: Learning Transformation & Educational Architecture in the Top End - An Encore Presentation of the CQUni TELCoP June 2021 with Professor Michael Sankey, Charles Darwin University 
    Thu, 26 May 2022
  • 4 - 4: How COVID-19 changed our approach to Learning and Teaching - An Encore Presentation of the CQUni TELCoP February 2021 with Dr Robert Vanderburg & A/Prof. Michael Cowling, CQUniversity 
    Fri, 13 May 2022
  • 3 - 3: Digital Wellbeing and Digital Students - An Encore Presentation of the CQUni TELCoP October 2020 with Dr Joanne Orlando, Western Sydney University 
    Tue, 03 May 2022
  • 2 - 2: Special Episode - Dr Robert Vanderburg, "Our Song, Our Story" on ABC Wide Bay Local Radio 
    Mon, 05 Oct 2020
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